training videos

Cynthia has created videos for teachers that explain how the Learning Cultures model developed and how it works to support learner development. The videos provide a comprehensive introduction to the foundational ideas that inspired the Learning Cultures model. 


autobiography of a pedagogy

Cynthia's story of the origins of Learning Cultures

theories into practice

An introduction to the Learning Cultures model

altering the structure of formal schooling

An explanation of the design of Learning Cultures

concepts for a new foundation of schooling

The science behind Learning Cultures

environments for learning

Learning Cultures practices are based on the idea that development occurs as the leaner engages with the social environment. These videos help explain how the physical environment and the social environment are organized. 


The activity block

the learning cultures formats

Classroom social norms, part i

classroom social norms, part ii

Classroom environments, part i

classroom environments, Part ii

genre practice

the formats

Work Time

Cooperative Unison Reading

Learning Conference

Content Share

Writing Conference

Writing Share

Responsibility Teams